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Developing Your Child’s Future

Safe and supportive education and therapy for children with learning disabilities, including Autism Spectrum Disorders, Aspergers, Speech and Language Delays and other developmental exceptionalities.


Academic and after-school programs to develop growth in learning, music and social skills.

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Professional psychological and program assessments to evaluate your child’s unique needs.

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Custom-tailored therapy treatments, covering speech, occupational, vocational and social skills.

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Meet CDG – a Centre for Individuals with Learning Differences and Special Needs

Using a proven multidisciplinary approach, CDG focuses on your child’s total growth: social, language, academic and behavioural. Our goal is to enhance your child’s natural strengths, while guiding them to overcome challenges that may arise from Autism Spectrum Disorders and Asperger’s, speech/communication delay or learning disabilities, language delays, as well as other challenges.

Our dedicated team of fully-qualified and experienced professionals include speech therapists, instructors, psychologists, music, behaviour and occupational therapists, all weaving together an interdisciplinary approach for your child.

CDG offers the “Academy” program, an alternative to the public school. The Academy is a school program for children with special needs. You’ll fall in love with our large 1-acre space that has plenty of natural areas, fresh air, and a home-like, non-institutional atmosphere. Centrally located in the heart of Richmond Hill, it is easily accessible by Highway 404 for those in Markham, Thornhill, and Vaughan, North York and the entire Greater Toronto Area.

In addition to The Academy’s school for special needs children, CDG offers speech therapy , IBI therapy, ABA therapy and tutoring. We always keep you well-informed and active in your child’s learning through workshops and special events, support groups and one-on-one meetings. Your happiness and peace of mind are integral to our success. That includes financial considerations, and CDG is happy to provide support for those who may need it, ensuring affordable programming for your child.

Ultimately, our vision is to guide your child’s growth in all areas of life, providing not only effective instruction, but also nurturing hope and love, boosting confidence and self-esteem, all towards becoming valued, fulfilled, and active members of the community.

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